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Drug Intermediates
Products Under Development

Millennium Chemi Pharma (Mysore) Private Limited understand the need of our very few and special customer's, who are having their manufacturing facilities, concern about their end product's quality. For them we manufacture the speciality chemicals with responsible care. Here is our list of products,

Drug Intermediates:

Commercial Production

4-Bromo 2-Fluoro Biphenyl 41604-19-7 Flurbiprofen
4-Bromo-2-Fluoro Acetanilide 326-66-9 Flurbiprofen
2-Amino 5-Chloro Pyridine 1072-98-6 Zopiclone
2-Cyclohexene-1-One 930-68-7 Carprofen
5-Acetyl Methyl Salicylate 16475-90-4 Salbutamol Sulphate
4-Bromo-2-Fluoro Aniline 367-24-8 Vandetanib
5-Acetyl Salicyamide 40187-51-7 Labetalol HCL
5-Bromo Acetyl Salicyamide 73866-23-6 Labetalol HCL
L-Threonine Methyl Ester HCL
(as an Oil or Solution in Solvents)
39994-75-7 Insulin and Analogues

[3-Dimethylamino)propyl] Triphenylphosphonium
Bromide Hydrobromide

27710-82-3 Olopatadine HCL
4-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid 156-38-7 Olopatadine HCL
2,4 Difluorobiphenyl 37847-52-2 Diflunisal
5-Bromo 6-Amino Quinoxaline 50538-63-9 Brimonidine Tartarate
2,4 Dihydroxy Acetophenone 89-54-9 Sofalcone
2-Fluorobiphenyl 321-60-8 -

Pilot Production

2-Bromo-4-Fluoro Acetanilide 1009-22-9 Bixafen
2-Bromo-4-Fluoro Aniline 1003-98-1 Bixafen
N-(5-Bromoquinoxalin-6-yl) Thiourea 842138-74-3 Brimonidine Tartarate

N-[2-( 1-Cyclohexen-yl Ethyl )]
-2-( 4-Methoxyphenyl ) Acetamide

51072-34-5 Dextromethorphan, Levorphanol
Ketoprofen IP/BP/EP/USP 22071-15-4
Products Under Development/Scale-Up :
L Valine Methyl Ester HCL 5428-57-9 Valsartan
L Valine Benzyl Ester HCL 2462-34-2 Valsartan
6,11 Dihydro-11-oxodibenz [b,e]
oxepin-2-acetic acid
55453-87-7 Olopatadine HCL
4-Acetyl Biphenyl 92-91-1 Felbinac
2-Acetyl Cyclohexanone 874-23-7 -